• Returned items must comply with our returns policy:

    • Customer can request returns and refunds from our Customer Service for any reason within 14 days after invoice date or upon receipt of products.
    • Refund or return are not applicable to:
      • Clearance items (Unless defective issue)
      • Defective sale items
    • Clearance items are not allowed to refund or return unless defective issue.
    • Items must be returned unworn, undamaged, and unused, with all tags attached and the original packaging included.
    • If an item has a security tag or brand tag attached, it must be returned with the tag in its original position.
    • Footwear and accessories must be returned with the original branded boxes and dust bags, where provided, and placed inside a protective outer box for shipping.
    • Jewelery must be returned in the same condition it arrived in, including all branded packaging and documents provided with it.
    • In the interest of hygiene, we do not accept returns or refunds on hosiery, lingerie, earrings and swimwear items unless they are defective or the wrong item wan sent.
    • All returned items will be reviewed by MIA MAIA. Item should also match the written or photographic documentation of the item's condition provided when requesting the return. Returns that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted and where applicable, customer may be charged with a fee.
    • Customer will be liable for payment of any shipping charges and any duties & taxes (for orders delivering to China and United States) with exceptions to return of defective items; This Returns Policy does not apply to items that have been stated as non-exchangeable and non-refundable on our site. 
  • 退回的物品必须符合以下退货政策:
    • 客户可以在收到产品后或签收包裹后的14 天内以任何理由向我们的客服提出退货退款申请。
    • 退货不适用于:
      • 促销货品(商品有缺陷及不正确物品除外)
      • 瑕疵品销售
    • 商品需在未经磨损,未损坏和未使用的情况下退回。所有标签需为未拆除并包含品牌的原始包装。
    • 如果物品附有安全卷标或品牌卷标,则必须将其连同卷标放在其原始位置退回。
    • 鞋类和配饰必须与原始品牌包装盒和防尘袋(如有)一起退回,并放置在保护物包装的箱子内以便运输。
    • 珠宝首饰必须保持原样,包括随附的所有品牌包装和证明书。
    • 基于卫生问题的考虑,袜子、内衣、耳环和泳装商品不接受退货或退款(商品有缺陷或寄送不正确物品除外)。
    • 所有退回的物品将由 MIA MAIA 审查。商品还应与要求退货时提供的商品状况的书面或照片文件相匹配。不符合这些要求的退货将不被接受,并且在适用的情况下,可能会向客户收取费用。
    • 客户将负责支付任何运费和任何关税和税款(对于运送到中国和美国的订单),但有缺陷的物品退货除外;本退货政策不适用于在我们网站上声明为不可更换和不可退款的商品。


Returns & refund must be requested to our Customer Service within 14 days after invoice date or upon receipt of products. Customers need to bear return shipping cost via your preferred shipment method. Free returns only applicable for damage caused during transportation.

If you would like to apply the return, email us at with the subject title: Return Request – Your Order Number, also attached the product photo with all the tag. Our customer service team will assist you with the returns process.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 :  Fill in the return form. Next to the products listed above, select one of the reason codes against your return.

Step 2 :  Apply your return request through email to us (

Step 3 :  Wait until our confirmation before you return the items.

Step 4 :  Enclose this form with your items in your parcel to enable us to process your return within 48 hours of receipt, to avoid any refund delays.

Step 5:  You will receive email notifications to inform you at these stages:

  • We have received your request,
  • We have received your item(s) at our facility and are processing your request; and
  • Your refund has been successfully credited to your account.
如果您想申请退货,并符合退货条件,请发送电子邮件至,主题为:退货请求 - 您的订单号,并附上带有所有标签的产品照片。我们的客户服务团队将协助您完成退货流程。
第 1 步:请填写退货表格,并以电邮方式发回。
第 2 步:通过电子邮件(向我们申请您的退货请求。
第 3 步:等待通过审批及确认,我们将提供相关的退货信息。
第 4 步:我们将会在签收后的48小时内处理您的退货。
第 5 步:您将收到电子邮件通知,在这些阶段通知您:
  • 我们已收到您的请求,
  • 我们已收到您的物品并正在处理您的请求;和
  • 您的退款已成功记入您的帐户。



Once your return has been received and accepted by us, your refund will be completed via the original payment method within 14 working days.

一旦我们收到并接受您的退货,您的退款将在 14 个工作日内通过原始付款方式完成。


For all items eligible for returns, you will be liable for payment of any shipping charges. Please kindly pay for the shipping fees when returning via couriers. If the item is defected or incorrectly shipped, MIA MAIA will provide a reimbursement of postage costs.

对于所有符合退货条件的物品,您将负责支付任何运费。 通过快递退回时,请支付运费。 如果物品有瑕疵或运输不正确,MIA MAIA 将提供邮费补偿。


Defective sale items are not allowed to return and exchange. Promotion code is not applicable to defective items. Photos of items are displayed on the product page, if you would like to know more details, please email us at

Once the defective items are sold, customer agreed to the "DEFECTIVE PRODUCT TERMS & CONDITIONS". The defective product cannot be exchanged or refunded for any reason. Please consider carefully before buying.

瑕疵品销售的货品不允许退货和换货。促销代码不适用于瑕疵品销售的货品。 商品照片已显示在产品页面上,如果您想了解更多详细信息,请发送电子邮件至。