Nothing expresses your personality better than a graphic T-shirt. Mia-Maia have found an easy way to make a T-shirt and jeans look Insta-worthy: wearing a graphic tee.

From brand logos to cartoon printed tees, the graphic T-shirt trend is officially here to stay, and it's time to invest in more. Take your comfortable outfit formula to the next level with a list of our favorite picks!

CLASSIC COLOR COMBO Your weekend graphic tee game will remain strong by opting for skinny jeans and white fresh sneakers. It's also the perfect time to go a bit bolder with a pop of red color.

ALL OVER PRINT EVERYTHING An all over graphic, especially floral/tropical one, can be intimidating. However, the outfit can be perfect by toning down all the patterns and going with solid colors, letting the t-shirt be the star. Pairing Off-White Camouflage T-shirt with black pants and sneakers still play up that relaxed, vacation vibe, but make the look a lot more sophisticated.

SPORTY CHIC OUTFIT  Of course, denim is a classic pairing with graphic tee, but style yourself up a bit by tucking in your top and opting for coolest Shoes-and-Sock Combos.

ATHLEISURE LOOK  Athleisure is a legitimate fashion cornerstone these days, so pairing the graphic tee with shorts is always a good idea.


FEMININE AND CHIC  Pairing graphic tee with tulle skirt makes you look sophisticated and really chic. That’s what you need on Friday at the office to happy-hour cocktails afterward.

BEST STREET STYLE  Along with the rocker look, street style is where the graphic tee has made the greatest inroads. The key of pairing graphic tee is to focus on fit and layers. Keep a clean line on the bottom half with a pair pants. And of course, don't forget the sneakers.