Welcome to MIA MAIA, we are an omni-channels marketplace for luxury designer brands. Our experienced merchant teams are always searching the most trendy and hot designers fashion across Europe.

欢迎来到 MIA MAIA,我们是亚洲首屈一指的奢侈品时尚网店。 我们经验丰富的买手团队正在寻找来自欧洲的最时尚和最热门的设计师品牌。努力为我们的客户带来最好的奢侈品购物体验。

The brand name, MIA MAIA, is inspirited by the Greek nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and mother of Hermes. She was considered as an earth goddess, which represents the supreme of gods.

MIA MAIA 的灵感来自希腊女神玛雅,她是阿特拉斯之女,爱马仕之母。 她被认为是代表神灵至高无上的大地女神。

With MIA MAIA, you will discover the latest high-end labels with the best price and quality.

通过 MIA MAIA,您将发现最优惠价格和最优质量高端品牌。